How to Ensure Safer Bottled Water with Microfiltration

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There is a growing concern among consumers regarding harmful microplastics that are found in bottled water. While there is not substantial research on the effects of these microplastics on human health, some researchers have concluded that ingesting microplastics can cause the release of harmful chemicals in the digestive tract.

Microplastic contamination can take place before the water is bottled or during the bottling process. Due to the lack of research on microplastic ingestion, there are no legal regulations on microplastic content in bottled water.

Parker Bioscience offers microfiltration solutions for the food and beverage industry that have the potential to eliminate all microplastics found in bottled water. In a recent blog post, Parker introduces three different applications of filtration that can be implemented into water bottle production and packaging:

1. The microfiltration of drinking water

2. The microfiltration of compressed gas used for bottle shaping

3. The microfiltration of water used to wash bottles


Microplastic contamination is a growing issue in the bottled water industry. Through the use of microfiltration cartridges offered by Parker, consumers can be confident that their health will be protected when buying bottled water.


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