How to Boost Steam Generation Efficiency With Guided Wave Radar

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Every steam generation system requires a boiler or steam drum that works as an integral component of the operation. Steam drums are typically relied on for providing ample surface area during the separation of water and steam, creating storage capacity to meet boiler feed requirements, removing impurities and introducing chemicals for treatment purposes.

While steam drums play a critical role in the steam generation cycle, every strategy requires level measurement technology to ensure that proper controls are set in place. By precisely controlling water levels, the system is able to separate water and steam more efficiently for improved steam quality. 

In a recent blog post, Magnetrol® reveals a technology that performs even greater than level measurement–Guided Wave Radar (GWR). GWR is a continuous measurement technology that does not fall vulnerable to changes in process conditions that affect level measurement techniques. It proves to be an effective measurement option for a variety of reasons, including: 


  • Excels in measuring the liquid levels in all conditions encountered
  • Does not require external inputs or calibration 
  • Extreme accuracy
  • Eliminates errors during the calibration process from external sources, such as temperature and pressure


Some of the other noteworthy benefits of GWR include lower maintenance costs, corrosion resistance, condensation control technology and reduced energy waste. All of these factors play a large role in properly maintaining water levels during steam drum applications and boosting efficiency in steam generation. Industries that frequently require steam generation processes should consider upgrading their outdated level measurement to GWR technology. 


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