Valves, Measurement & Control

The GEMÜ Group is a leading manufacturer of valves, measurement, and control systems for liquids, vapors, and gases. GEMÜ is a global market leader when it comes to solutions for sterile applications. Long known for their innovative products (and awards), GEMÜ is a family-owned enterprise operating from six manufacturing facilities located in Germany, Switzerland, France, China, Brazil, and the USA.


  • Semiconductor, Microelectronics and Battery Production
  • Chemical, slurry and solvent supply
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Plasma fractionation, peptide synthesis
  • Industrial
  • Water treatment, chemical process engineering and power generation


  • Solutions for industrial applications - Brochure
  • Solutions for the pharmaceutical, foodstuffs and
  • biotechnology industries - Brochure
  • Solutions for microelectronics, semiconductors and
  • battery production - Brochure