ACI Controls has partnered with Parker Filtration, the pioneers of industrial filtration solutions and blending innovation with precision engineering. Trusted globally, Parker ensures process efficiency and product purity across diverse  industries with their commitment to quality and sustainability.

Explore the Parker Filtration Brands

High-purity compressed air filter assemblies | Compressed air dryers Nitrogen Generators

Compressed air filters | Compressed air dryers | Gas generation systems

Desiccant air dryers | Inline high-temp filters | Water separators

Compressed air filters/dryers | Industrial gas generators | Oil/Water separators 

Parker Hyperchill (plus) water chillers | High-efficiency wound & pleated cartridge

Hydraulic Filtration                         Hydraulic cartridges & vessels

Industrial                                               Gas generators 

Bioscience & Water Filtration       Sensors & monitors | Sterile filters | Liquid filter vessels

Discover Parker Filtration 

Rely on ACI Controls and Parker Filtration for superior filtration solutions in aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, and beyond. From hydraulic systems to water purification, count on us for comprehensive coverage!

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