ACI Controls dates its history back to 1945 with the founding of Chippewa Instruments in Buffalo, NY and Analog Instruments in Syracuse, NY as a general line industrial distribution company. The two companies were merged into one organization in 1988.

Today, ACI Controls is a 2nd generation family owned business covering the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions as a value add solutions provider across seven product platforms. Our sales philosophy is to partner with our customers, as a trusted resource, to jointly improve operations.


Create value by developing innovative solutions for a wide variety of industrial process control, combustion and automation applications that enable manufacturing facilities to operate more efficiently, safely and profitably.



The Fundamentals were created in 2015 to establish a common set of expectations across a diverse and decentralized organization in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment. They represent important principles on which the company was built:

  1. Always do what's best for the customer. Our reputation and integrity are our greatest assets.
  2. Take the extra time to do things the right way, the first time. Don't take shortcuts!
  3. Strive for continuous improvement. See a problem, fix a problem!
  4. Create win/win situations. Life does not have to be a zero sum game. Think from other people's perspective.
  5. Practice blameless problem solving. Treat mistakes as learning opportunities. Focus on solutions, not who's at fault.
  6. Communicate Effectively – be clear, concise and specific. Set expectations with an action plan that include deadlines.
  7. Tone Matters – create a feeling of friendliness in every interaction. Be easy to work with. Build allies, you never know when you might need a favor.
  8. Be Professional – take ownership of issues until resolved. Have a positive attitude.
  9. Fight Inertia – expend the energy to improve! Have a bias for action!
  10. Have FUN! Maintain perspective, laugh every day and don't take yourself too seriously – life is short!