Since its founding in 1965, EGMO has positioned itself as a worldwide leader in manufacturing high-purity and process stainless steel fittings, manifolds, valves and actuators for the biopharm, semiconductor, food and dairy and cosmetics markets. EGMO is a member of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group and maintains the following certifications: ISO9001:2008, CE, CRN and TUV. Its products meet the following standards: ASME BPE, 3A, DIN, ISO, SMS, BS (RJT) and JIS.

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Product Series/Models


VNE manufactures the MaxPURE stainless steel product line designed to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s production specifications including the ASME-BPE 2012 standard.

Biopharma fittings
Custom manifolds


The SciMax line of stainless steel products was designed to meet the stringent standards of the semiconductor industry. It includes state-of-the-art polishing technology, a multi-step cleaning process (degreasing, pickling and electropolishing using ultra-high purity DI water and Nitrogen purging) and a guaranteed Ra surface finish.

Fittings (elbows, tees, reducers, crosses and end caps)
Laterals and manifolds
Tubing - standard and coax


Egmo Maxpure
Egma Scimax