Instrumentation Fittings

Parker is the global leader in motion and control technologies, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. Parker can be found on and around everything that moves. At Parker we have an unmatched breadth and depth of products that originate from a global leadership position in nine core Motion and Control technologies that include aerospace, climate control, electromechanical, filtration, fluid and gas handling, hydraulics, pneumatics, process control, sealing and shielding. We can apply these products and technologies individually to solve customer challenges that are simpler, or we can combine them to develop systems that address challenges that are complex.

Parker Instrumentation Tube Fittings are designed as leak free connections for process, power, and a variety of instrumentation applications up to 150,000 PSI.  

ACI carries compression and other fittings made of brass, stainless steel, exotic metals, Teflon & various plastic polymer materials in a wide range of elbows, reducers, straights, tees, unions, and other fittings to meet our customers' needs.

Instrumentation Valves

Parker offers premium instrumentation valves available in a variety of types and configurations including ball valves, needle valves, check valves, plug valves, metering valves and others.  

Parker valves can be manual, motor actuated or solenoid air operated and electrically actuated, while mounting configurations can be sub-based, in-line or manifold.

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