Why Manifolds Are Saving the Day for Engineers

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For over a century, engineers have struggled to find an efficient way to secure impulse lines to manifolds without allowing for any leaks. The first manifolds used NPT taper threads for tube connections, which are still being used today, however, much better tube technologies are accessible.

In a recent blog post, Parker introduces the PTFree connect system, which is a simple method that connects impulse lines to manifolds without involving the use of taper threads, PTFE tape or a thread sealant. The system is available on all types of manifold.

The thread on the male adaptor is screwed into the manifold and uses the same type of stainless steel sealing washer as the valve heads, providing high-pressure leakproof and bubble-tight connection. The adaptor is then secured by a locking plate mechanism.

In addition to the PTFree system, Parker developed inverted A-LOK fittings, which connect impulse lines directly to manifolds, eliminating taper threads, the need for PTFE tape or sealant, and adaptors.  While the fittings still require cautious installation, the key advantage is that the tube is not twisted during installation.

Parker is confident that their latest technology will offer the best solution to manifold connector leaks.

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